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Sunday, June 12, 2011

For the love of Boston Terriers

This morning I was watching TV and looked over and Bean was asleep on the chair. He was so sweet and cozy, I had to snap some photos of him. He was snuggling in the blankets on the chair.

"Mama, I'm trying to sleep."


While Bean was sleep in the living room, Frankie was still alseep in the bed with her daddy.

 Every time I get my camera out she has to know what i'm doing, and never poses for the camera.
But she is too stinky cute!

Later in the day, I took them outside to go potty, well they had other plans...

They wanted to PLAY!!!

Come on brother, CHASE ME!

I'm going to get you Frankie, you better run.

She was chasing brother.Its so pretty outside for a BT.

Frankie was laying on the couch, yet again. So I put a bow on her and we had a mini photo shoot.
Its super hard to get a photo of her with her ears up. Usually every picture you take of her, her big ears are down. So, if you want to see those big ears, and that head turn, you have to ask her "you wanna", which means you wanna treat. Then you have 5 seconds to get that picture.

She really knows how to steal your heart.

If you don't get the picture, this is what you get from her. Her attention span isn't very big. 
 She gets to excited, and cant control her little body!

Bean and Frankie had a busy BT day. 
We hope you had a good weekend, because we sure did!

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