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Hi there. I'm Kimberly, and I take photos. I want my photographs to pull at your heart-strings. I want to create timeless portraits that show your personality. I want to help you capture the wonderful moments that many of us take for granted. I want my photographs to always make you remember the moments you never want to forget. I specialize in portrait, wedding, and pet photography. I would love to capture a special moment for you soon. Let's get in touch! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Happy Couple...

Getting Married.

Two of my really good friends are getting married  in July. They chose me out of a ton of talented photographers to shoot their wedding.  I feel so honored, and I couldn't be happier for them.

They are one of the happiest couples I know, and they are made for each other. Feel the love?

These two love birds are just adorable, and I am so looking forward to their July wedding.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Just another simple shot of one of my favorite subjects ;)

Happy Jack's Pajama Pizzeria Party!

I love shooting happy people! Whether it’s weddings, babies, engagements, birthday parties, I really enjoy them all so much because they are all such blissful occasions! Kids' birthday parties are lot like weddings, in my opinion. But instead of following the bride and groom around all day, we follow the birthday boy or girl! The big difference is that kids move 10 times faster than grown-ups! One second they are in front of you, by the time the shutter button is pressed, they are gone! Book me so that you don't have to be the one trying to chase around your guests with a camera.  You can actually enjoy the party. It puts a smile on my face to capture the smiles on cute, little faces! This time I had the pleasure of shooting Jack's 3rd birthday party at his home. The home was transformed into a super cute Pajama Pizzeria. Jack's mama is a party planner extraordinaire, and there were lots of details to capture. All the little ones arrived in jammies, then played, made and ate pizza and cupcakes, then played some more! With more than 10 happy little ones to help him celebrate, I'm sure it will be a day Jack will remember.
We've arrived at Jack's Pajama Pizzeria!
Check out the spread!
   Look how much Jack has grown.So many adorable details!
All the food was yummy AND beautiful!C U P C A K E S!
Adorable pizza puzzle favors inside mini pizza boxes.Pizza making supplies :)
The little chefs fancified their hats first, and then it was time to get to work! Roll... roll, roll your dough.
Give it a little pat, pat, pat.Time for toppings! Spinach!? Great choice, little guy.And plenty of CHEESE!Time to enjoy those pies! There were lots of adorable babies at this party too! Make a W I S H!Book me for your next party and you won't miss funny and sweet moments like these :)
 Happy Birthday, Jack!
*all photos by kimberly wagner photography